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Get out of my head
Out of my dreams
The pain is strong
The pain kills me inside
I wish I could just hold you once more
See you smile
Make you feel
But I can’t
We’re apart
Never to join hands or lips for whatever reason
The sweet taste you left me with
The bitterness I felt when you left me
The last kiss we shared
The last tim we made love
I should have known what was to be
I didn’t
I was blind
I hurt
I cried for you for one lifetime
And the energy we held dear
It is gone
All gone
To put it simply…
I my miss my love, my one and only.


A hand of glory is the pickled hand of a man who has been hanged. Usually the left hand was used. If the man was hanged for murder, then the hand with which he committed the crime would be used.

Fat from the hanged man would be used to craft a candle, which would be placed in the severed hand. Sometimes the wick would be made from the hair of the same man.

A hand of glory was believed to possess magical powers in European occult traditions. It was believed a Hand of Glory would render people motionless, open locked doors or give light only to the person holding it.

The Whitby Museum has the only known remaining Hand of Glory 

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